Andrew Latham

I am an Autodidact. I have worked in technology for most of my life. In the large technical community I see that my processing of information and situations is different. Being different is not a bad thing and has opened up some doors in understanding how the world works. "Self Taught" is mostly untrustworthy in my areas of work so I will often omit education from my CV or Resume all together. There is much to learn about how the world accepts different and how people and organizations build walls. I worked in a country where an approved degree from an approved school was the criteria for practicing business. Imagine not being able to legally do an odd job and get paid without an advanced degree of approved education. This was my introduction to the Class System.

Frustration is a problem in my life and I truly need to learn to deal with it better. I learned about what are called "vampire help"[1] questions recently. In a given problem-solution process I incorrectly assume that others will research the issues to bring solutions to the table. After some work in the large businesses I have found that most people use solutions and don't create them. I don't paint, or play musical instruments but I do create solutions or more correctly I see the root cause of the problem. Some times doing nothing is a solution, sometimes no is the answer, sometimes stopping a project is best for the shareholders.

Don't punish people who think differently, instead see them for fantastic sources of critical thinking that they are. An Autodidact is always taking in information and can be mostly correct because they simply have the information at hand. Don't be offended by an Autodidact they can have the same level of confusion about you as you do them.