Andrew Latham

Like building construction and design there are Architects in technology. The architecture of an application suite or a datacenter is a complex stack of components that need to work for the project. I self identify as an Architect which means that I think about the big picture in every way. Having skills in software design, systems engineering and physical plant is rare. One issue that see as an ongoing issue over time is the assignment or hiring of Architects for software development and systems engineering in companies of various sizes. I see this role filled via promotion only and only via internal candidates. An internal candidate can be a great architect but the process of promotion is very often into a management role before an architecture role. The issue comes from the history with the organization and politics that develop. Architecture is about building safe solutions that are efficient or use resources minimally.

I continue to talk to and see issues where the product hand off or on-boarding is impossible when the development, systems, security, auditing or any number of organization silos have altered the project in impactful ways. Always be prepared to stop and review the architecture if there is a change.