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Working on DCIM and fun stuff example: SGM-STL-OBM-001.LATHAMA.NET


Capturing many things here, notes and hacks. A todo list would be good for many of the issues that should be fixed upstream.


Computers must be hard. People telling me it is hard to get all the tech bootstrapped for a business and I just think wow it has been a decade or more since started as ebox. Note to all, many great Open Source Software projects have had name changes but Zentyal which is a scramble of Lazy Net is one of my favorite name changes.


  • Wrote Sunset Provision
  • now redirected over to linode
  • * Need to cancel hosting now

Website Migrations 2018-01-16

Moved all content for sites and all but one domain. The domain transfer from my prior registrar feels a little weird. They make all transfers wait 7 days instead of giving me an option to push it forward.

Favorite Article of all Time 2018-01-13

Donations 2017-10-25

I get asked about donations or virtual beer from time to time. As many of the sites that allow a person to accept donations have upped their charges to extremes I made an Amazon Wishlist that people can use to order random things I want and or need. For example coffee, snacks, toys and more. The URL is and I am putting it in the credits file of some of my projects. I am sure that there are some people that would like better options and I understand. I will keep my eyes open for options. The goal is that if someone wants to send me $5 for a nice beer I should get closer to $5 than $3.

Vanity or Easy URLs 2017-11-03

I often use the screen name lathama everywhere and it is based off of my last name and first initial of my first name. Recently I have used my full name of Andrew Latham more and more often. Setting up accounts and managing the mess is not fun at times. I did fix one issue where an old lathama account on kept me from using the name. But with the new full name usage I have things that match up better...



Yes branding is important to me. I care about naming conventions and consistent usage.

Zero Inbox 2017-10-19

While called many things I like to call my process Zero Inbox. I attempt at all times to have no unread emails and it is a real challenge some days as I subscribe to a large number of mailing lists. My daily average is ~200 emails but some times it gets out of hand.

On Gmail I use:

as my go to screen. There was a time when you could save filters and other things via some lab tools but they kept on getting retired so I just us the is:unread filter to organize things.

This is not perfect. Checking the spam box for emails for false positives interrupts the flow and I have to go back to the filter. On good days I can stay in the filter all day.

PXE Booting Laboratory Development 2017-10-06

I have a series of PCEngines APU2 systems I use for my lab and I am re-thinking how to manage them as far as PXE booting. I want to work on some IPv6 booting options and need to isolate the environment like normal. Of course I can use VLAN isolation and configure the mapping per port on the managed switch. The real problem is that there are too many options.

Quotes and Credits 2017-10-04

Some quotes that are interesting.

Too much change is called war. Too little change is also called war. -- Andrew Latham 2008
Always run a honeypot on VLAN1 -- Andrew Latham 2004
Opinions can't be right or wrong as they are not assertions. -- Andrew Latham 2012

KDE 5 and Google Chrome fix for system tray icon appearance. 2017-09-26

On KDE 5.X with Google Chrome the systray icon attempts to load via a newer version than the package calls for of a library called libappindicator. To fix do this on Debian.

apt-get install libappindicator3-1 For other distro's ymmv

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