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In business the process of using and managing assets to create value is very basically Business Operations. A common and recurring issue in business is the separation of Information Technology from Business Operations. Though trust or control wedges that separate a business create walls. Always ask if a project building or destroying walls within the organization.

Establishing Communication

A common issue in business is establishing process and communication when none exist. To bootstrap the process a single member of the organization curating a FAQ sheet will establish the growing needs. Documentation and communication are demand based sources of truth to address a concern. Create a basic control flow where the curation can be automated at a later point in the organization's growth. A design sprint can be useful when bootstrapping.

Establishing Resource Value

Any asset real or intangible should be considered a budget-able project. Where the care and consumable of the widget or asset has a real on-going cost. When the business acquires and asset as a capital expense a budget for that asset shall be created.

Establishing a Product

Anything sold to a customer is a product and must be created. The creation of a product entails the establishment of a description, resources, and materials needed for the product. Building a wood shelf is the production stage of a product and does not compare to the creation of a product. A product will require a set of information very much like the FAQ method mentioned earlier. The information becomes the product for internal organizational discussion.

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