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I am an Open Source Software (OSS) Advocate and support my positions with code. I contribute to many projects and so can you! Fixing documentation or testing an edge case all help OSS projects succeed. Donate your time and you may find that your skill sets grow as a benefit.

Projects I remember to have committed to.

  • Tiny, TinyERP, OpenERM, OpenObject, Odoo
    • Initial development
    • Add USA States enumeration
    • ORM Logic
    • Documentation and docstrings
  • MondoRescue
    • Initial Development
    • Multi system validation and testing
  • Asterisk PBX, LibPRI, Zaptel, DAHDI
    • PhoneProv
    • Doxygen
    • Make build system
  • OpenQRM
    • Initial development
    • Physical infrastructure testing
  • Zentyal (eBox)
    • User interface, English translations
  • ISPConfig
    • Translations
    • Backend, Security
    • Installer
  • Ansible
    • Python 3 Conversion
    • Module and documentation commits
  • Saltstack
    • Logic issues in distributed file management
  • HAProxy
    • Git ignore correction for excluded docs

Projects I have authored

* Adynaton
* Various scripts

Sponsorship and Advertising space here. Please contact me if interested.