Supermicro IPMI Firmware Backup and Upgrade

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It needs done, there are tools to get it done, lets see how.

Supermicro makes a wide array of servers, server motherboards and even some consumer and embeded systems. Most have an IPMI with BMC onboard to allow remote control of the server or device. This remote control is normally the power controls for any power supply and connection to the system. The two methods of connecting to the system are the serial console and what is called an KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) to see the video output and send signals to the mouse and keyboard. The additonal features that are not well advertised is the loading of virtual storage devices to the system from remote sources. All of these features work over the IP or Internet Protocol in either the IPv4 or IPv6 flavors.

Downloading the Tools Visit Supermicro's webpage on IPMI tools at or my accurately download the firmware update for your system from the motherboard data page. You may wish to grab the motherboard BIOS update if one exists.

Using the lUpdate Tool In the downloaded folder for your firmware you might go to the Linux releated folder and do something like...

chmod a+x lUpdate
./lUpdate -f ../IMPI_FIRMWARE_TO_INSTALL.bin -i kcs -r n

These steps would... make the tool exicutable, backup the IPMI firmware, load the IPMI firmware. In this example we are not restoring the configuration however that is an option.

Additionally The tools can update, backup and do various actions over the network. These are well documented in the readme. Test in a lab and don't run the scripts directly over the Internet, find a host in the same datacenter/network for running locally.

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